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About Us

Quick question: When you watch Stripes or The Goonies or Ernest Goes To Camp or Animal House or Breakin' or Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo or Meatballs or Caddyshack or The Mighty Ducks or Revenge of the Nerds... who do you root for? If you find yourself rooting for the wealthy, upper-class, snooty, and the privileged antagonists, then Bernie Sanders may not be the candidate for you. If you relate to the "slobs" end of the "snobs vs. slobs" equation, then we hope you'll listen to what the man has to say.

No, we’re not calling you a literal slob... it's a metaphor. We're sure your collars are unbent and fingernails clean - or not - that's not what's important. What is important is that too few people have too much money and all they want to do with it is close down your rec center (or golf course or fraternity or camp or Goondocks - whatever... it's another metaphor... for your pursuit of happiness).

Why are huge corporations making record profits and failing to ensure that the people creating their products can live comfortably? Why are CEO's making 300 times more money than their average worker? Are they working 300 times harder? Shouldn't they be content making $16.2 million a year instead of $16.3 million? We sure could go for $0.1 million - that's a whole lot of snack cakes (or puppies or Faberge eggs or whatever you're into).

We, for one, think it's unfair. While we usually just throw our hands up in the air and shout at the neighborhood kids who drive by too fast, We've decided that maybe we can actually do something to begin the long process toward change. We want to live in a world where poor people aren't defending rich people online because they've been convinced that capitalism is a perfect system and that if they just work 70 hours a week, then they are sure to be rewarded for it. If a rich person saw that, they would laugh at you and wish that they could be drinking your sweet, sweet tears as they milk you for every cent you have.

So, we decided to make t-shirts. People love t-shirts. Hell, you're probably wearing a t-shirt right now.

Rob Campbell, talented screen printer and proprietor of Shirt Nerdery.com based in Portland, Oregon has been making t-shirts out of his garage for years; trying to make a living at it but never quite breaking out of the credit card debt and month-to-month pressure of paying the bills.

Mark Mendez, professional illustrator and owner of Mother Fakers (coming soon), based Los Angeles, California has been making cool shit for low wages for many years.

But we're willing to continue making minimum credit card payments and losing sleep over our ever-dwindling bank balances in order to print these high-quality t-shirts to support Bernie Sanders; a presidential candidate that totally gets what it's like to be a Goonie or an inner-city breakdancer or an underdog hockey team or any Bill Murray character or a nerd or an Ernest P. Worrell.

Because the FEC regulates the amount that can be donated by a single donor, we technically cannot donate our proceeds directly to the campaign. What we can and will do is take the profits we make, pay the taxes owed on the income, and donate up to $2,700 per individual. That would potentially be $5,400 we could donate to the Bernie Sanders campaign.

Know our intentions of this project is to not only raise awareness for Bernie but to raise as much money as we can to build on his campaign whether donating to it directly (after taxes ;) or donating to other grassroots awareness groups like phone banks, debate parties and other potential charities.

Please email us at [email protected].